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Reliable and Prompt Chiropractic Care

Have you been in an accident recently? Silverman Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in Miami, FL is here to help you get back on track. We specialize in providing alternative treatments for victims of vehicular and slip and fall accidents.

Our company works with the best medical specialists who will provide you with personalized post-accident care. We have numerous treatment options such as trigger point and physical therapy that will help speed up your recovery effectively.

Specialist Referrals

On top of our world-class treatments, we know how important it is that you secure competent legal assistance. We work with highly successful auto accident lawyers who will help you maximize your rights and privileges in any given situation.

Free Transportation

Don’t let your temporary inability to drive prevent you from experiencing comfort and convenience. We can pick you up free of charge if you’re a resident of Miami-Dade or Broward County. Call us for more information.

Bilingual Service

Our resident chiropractor, Dr. Silverman, is fluent in Spanish, making our Latin American customers feel at ease during consultations and treatment sessions.